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Central Sector Schemes

No. Plan Name Download
1 Storage and Godowns. PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. Size : 25KB(120KB)
2 Food Subsidy :
Subsidy payable to FCI & others on foodgrains transactions under National Food Security Act (NFSA).
Subsidy to State Government on decentralized procurement of foodgrains under NFSA.
Sugar subsidy payable under PDS for AAY families.
3 Scheme for Extending Financial Assistance to sugar undertakings 2014
4 Loans to Sugar Mills/ Factories:
Loans for Rehabilitation / Modernization of Sugar Mills.
Loans to Sugar Mills for Cane Development.
Loans to Sugar Factories for Bagasse based cogeneration power projects.
Loans to Sugar Factories for production of anhydrous alcohol or ethanolfrom alcohol
5 storage and Godown.
6 Strengthening of PDS Operations.
7 Integrated Management of Public Distribution System (lM-PDS).

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