• Page last updated on: 07 December 2023
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The Integrated Finance Division

The Integrated Finance Division of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution (Department of Food & Public Distribution) is headed by an Special/Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser.

Broadly following matters are dealt in IFD:

  • Preparation of budget according to the instructions issued by Finance Ministry from time to time;
  • Scrutiny of budget proposals thoroughly before sending these to Ministry of Finance.
  • Maintenance of departmental accounts in accordance with the prescribed codal provisions.
  • Watch and review the progress of expenditure against sanctioned grants and issue timely warnings to Controlling Authorities where the progress of expenditure is not even;
  • Screening of proposals for supplementary demands for grants;
  • Advise the department on all matters falling within the ambit of delegated powers including Revenue/Capital expenditure proposals.
  • Scrutiny of proposals for re-delegation of powers to subordinate authorities;
  • Advise on formulation of schemes and important expenditure proposals from its initial stages;
  • Evaluation of progress/performance of projects and other continuing schemes;
  • Watch the settlement of Audit Objections, Inspections Reports, Draft Audit Paras, etc.;
  • Action on Audit Reports and Appropriation Accounts, Reports of Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings;
  • Screening of all expenditure proposals to be referred to Finance Ministry for concurrence/comments;
  • Regular and timely submission of the prescribed statements, reports and returns to the Finance Ministry.