• Page last updated on: 07 December 2023
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The Integrated Finance Division

The Integrated Finance Division of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution (Department of Food & Public Distribution) is headed by an Special/Additional Secretary & Financial Adviser.

Broadly following matters are dealt in IFD:

  1. Preparation of budget according to the instructions issued by Finance Ministry from time to time;
  2. Scrutiny of budget proposals thoroughly before sending these to Ministry of Finance.
  3. Maintenance of departmental accounts in accordance with the prescribed codal provisions.
  4. Watch and review the progress of expenditure against sanctioned grants and issue timely warnings to Controlling Authorities where the progress of expenditure is not even;
  5. Screening of proposals for supplementary demands for grants;
  6. Advise the department on all matters falling within the ambit of delegated powers including Revenue/Capital expenditure proposals.
  7. Scrutiny of proposals for re-delegation of powers to subordinate authorities;
  8. Advise on formulation of schemes and important expenditure proposals from its initial stages;
  9. Evaluation of progress/performance of projects and other continuing schemes;
  10. Watch the settlement of Audit Objections, Inspections Reports, Draft Audit Paras, etc.;
  11. Action on Audit Reports and Appropriation Accounts, Reports of Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings;
  12. Screening of all expenditure proposals to be referred to Finance Ministry for concurrence/comments;
  13. Regular and timely submission of the prescribed statements, reports and returns to the Finance Ministry.
  14. Scrutiny and concurrence of subsidy proposals received from FCI and DCP states in respect of foodgrains and for fixation of procurement incidentals and economic cost sheets for procurement of foodgrains for Central pool and DCP operations, and finalization of audited claims submitted by the States;
  15. Scrutiny and concurrence of proposals for SDF loans to sugar factories, fixation of wholesalers and retailers’ margins in respect of levy sugar and grants-in-aid to research institutions and release of advance, final sugar subsidy to states.
  16. Monitoring, coordinating, guiding and review of procurement on GeM portal by a Standing Committee (SCoGeM) constituted for the purpose and submission of Action Taken Reports to the Ministry of Finance periodically.