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Administration Coordination

  • Endorsement of instructions under various rules and regulations to section/ attached and subordinate offices/ Public Sector Undertakings etc., where no particular section in the Department is concerned with the subject matter.
  • Coordination concerning more than two Divisions where subject matter is not the concern of any specific Section/ Division in the Department.
  • Returns relating to matters when compilation involves collection of information from more than two Divisions.
  • Work relating to Standing Committee and work relating to SCT Cell.
  • Collection and compilation of material relating to Department from various sources for the Press Conference of Ministers from time to time.
  • Coordination and compilation of Brief for the Minister for tour to various States in respect of the Department.
  • Supply of material relating to publications such as All India Civil List, Delhi Official Directory in respect of the Department.
  • Other miscellaneous administrative matters requiring coordination such as the reference relating to election matters, Pay Commission etc.
  • Collection and compilation of material for annual report of the Department.
  • Circulation of miscellaneous books and publications received from other Ministries etc.
  • Supply of material and information in respect of Parliament Question received from various Ministries/ Departments when the subject matter is not the concern of any Section/ Division and where information has to be collected from more than two Divisions.
  • Miscellaneous instructions received from other Ministries/Departments involving coordination regarding matters such as legal affairs, agreement, sale tax and other taxes, stores, recovery of Government dues from private parties/ firms, various enactments and rules and regulations which require to be circulated to a number of sections in the Department.
  • Conference/ Committees/ Commissions/ Board, etc., of other Ministries/ Departments - Participation by the Department - Reports of such Conferences, Committees, etc., when they require coordination between more than two Divisions.
  • Preparation of monthly summary and monthly demi-official letters in respect of the Department
  • Instructions on punctuality and compilation of monthly progress report on attendance in respect of Department.
  • Review meetings regarding progress in disposal of communications received from MPs/VIPs.
  • Senior Officers meeting held under Chairmanship of the Secretary (FPD).
  • Annual Publicity Plan of Department of Food & Public Distribution – Coordinating material for Annual publicity Plan for sending it to Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Any other function assigned from time to time.
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