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1 Factory-wise FRP 2015-16 30 Sugar Factories factory-070317.pdf (165 KB)
2 Reminder for Submission of Proforma-II return submission-130217.pdf (3 MB)
3 Reminder for Annual Return for the Sugar Season 2015-16 annual-020217.pdf (6 MB)
4 A Statement Showing the pending levy obligation of sugar mills both on the basis of dispatches as reported by sugar mills as well as lifting reported by state Government/ Lifting agencies for the sugar season 2011-12 as on 31.12.2016 and pending Old levy obligation levy-300117.pdf (6 MB)
5 Corrigendum reg- GSR No. 932 E dated 30 Sep. 2016. corri-070317.pdf (28 KB)
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