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Publicity-Cum-Awareness Campaign Scheme

Plan scheme "Financial Assistance to States for Generating Awareness amongst TPDS beneficiaries about their entitlement and redressal mechanism" is a component of 'Strengthening of PDS & Capacity Building' under which financial assistance is given to States based on the proposal received from them to generate awareness amongst the TPDS beneficiaries about their entitlement and redressal mechanism.

The main objective of this scheme component is to launch an effective, subtle, sustained and intensive awareness campaign, impact of which could reach the urban as well as rural and remote areas.

Out of the total amount approved for the scheme, 80% share will be borne by the Central Government in two equal installments of 40% each and remaining 20% by the State Government. The Department may utilise upto 25% of the total fund earmarked under the scheme for creating awareness about the schemes of the Department.

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