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Gunny Bags

Procurement of Gunny Bags for Packaging of Food grains

The Ministry of Textile has drawn up the following guidelines for purchase of jute bags by Government agencies for packaging of food grains:

  • Jute bags can be purchased against indents issued by DGS&D. and through Production Control Orders (PCOs) issued by Jute Commissioner, Kolkata directing manufacturers to produce jute bags of specified quality and quantity. Price payable for such supply is also fixed by the Jute Commissioner’s office using the Tariff Commissioner formula.
  • DGS&D/FCI/other Government Agencies will have the option to purchase jute bags through National Competitive Bidding (open tender) provided that the purchase price of jute bags through such tender does not exceed the price fixed by the Jute Commissioner on the basis of Tariff Commission formula.

Presently the Food Corporation of India (FCI) and State Agencies procures jute bags through DGS&D after assessing the requirement before each marketing season i.e. Rabi and Kharif, after which the indents are placed with the DGS&D. The DGS&D conveys the requirement to the Jute Commissioner who issues the PCO (Production Control Order) on the active jute mills. The Quality Assurance Wing of the DGS&D inspects the gunnies before they are despatched as per BIS specification.

Current Policy on use of Once used Gunny bags

Taking into consideration the continuous demands of State Governments/Millers, Government of India vide its letter dated 24.05.2013 has issued guidelines to allow use of paddy released once used jute bags for procurement of paddy with prior information to Government of India.

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