Notification for Long Term Training Course (LTTC, Batch No. 349) to be held at at IGMRI, Hapur

Notification for Long Term Training Course (Batch No. 64) at IGMRI, Hyderabad

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Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (IGMRI)
Initially, Grain Storage Research and Training Centre was established at Hapur in 1958, which was later elevated to Indian Grain Storage Institute, with two field stations at Ludhiana and Hyderabad with financial assistance from the UNDP during 1968-73. Three more field stations at Jabalpur, Jorhat and Udaipur were added in 1981 so as to cover all the agro climatic zones of the country and undertake area specific, need based R&D and training activities relating to farm as also commercial level management of foodgrains storage.
The objective of IGMRI are to investigate the nature, extent and degree of losses due to insects, rodents, birds and micro organisms under different agro climatic conditions;to develop code of practices for proper grain storage and handling by recommending cost effective techniques for control of stored grain pests.To develop improved type of storage structures, besides improvement in traditional storage structures using locally available and eco-friendly materials,to develop suitable publicity material and semi-technical literature on grain storage and quality control in Foodgrains, to train personnel from various organizations viz. FCI, CWC, SWCs, Civil Supplies Corporations etc, as well as trainees from developing countries sponsored by FAO, UNDP and Commonwealth Secretariat on Grain Storage Management Practices.
    The Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute (IGMRI), Hapur and its two field stations located at Hyderabad and Ludhiana are carrying out Research & Development activities on various aspects of post harvest management of foodgrains, both at farm and commercial levels. IGMRI had developed code of practices for scientific storage of foodgrains.IGMRI and its field stations are also organizing long term and short-term training programmes on scientific storage and inspection of foodgrains for the officers of FCI, CWC, SWCs, State agencies and pest control operators.