Organisation Setup

Directorate of Sugar

Directorate of sugar is an attached office of Ministry of Food, CA and Public Distribution, Department of Food & PD. The Directorate of Sugar is responsible for implementation of policies regarding production, distribution and consumption of Sugar.

2. The functions perform by Directorate of Sugar includes, monthly release of levy quota for supply under Public Distribution System (PDS) and non levy quota for Sale in open/ Domestic market, management of Import and Export of Sugar, Calculation / Fixation of lay Sugar prices under Essential commodities Act, 1955.

3. Monitoring of Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum (IEM) issued by Ministry of Commerce and Industry for establishment of new sugar mill and expansion in existing sugar units if any. Directorate of Sugar also monitor the payment of cane price arrears, administration of buffer stock and providing grand in aid to research  organization / institutions for Development of any aspects of sugar industry, under SDF Rules, 1983, Quality Control of Sugar and Monitoring of Sugar prices and maintenance of statical data on sugar production etc.

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Proposed strength of Directorate of Sugar

Regarding Resuffling  Office Order No. 13/2013-Estt. dated 17th April, 2013