Manual-II work Allocation


1.     Job description of Senior Officers of the Department

2.     Items of work dealt in Sections /Desks in the Department


S No.

Divisions / Sections / Desks

S No.

Divisions / Sections / Desks


Finance Division


Impex & Vig Division


Finance Desk I


Impex Section


Finance Desk II


Export Cell


Finance Desk III


Vigilance Desk


Budget Section


Public Grievance Cell


Cash Section




Estt Division


S&R Division


Estt I Section


QC Cell


Estt II Section


S&I Section






Stg & Welfare Division


SRA & EOP Division


Storage Section


SRA Section


TFC Section


EOP Section


PC Cell




Welfare Section




C & G Division


SDF Division


A C Section


SDF Section


CMT Desk


HVOC Section


General Section




ICT Section




Parliament Section








Policy Division


Sugar Division


Policy I Section


SPF Section


Policy III Section


Sugar Policy Desk


Policy IV Section


Sugar Litigation Desk




Sugar Administration


F C Division


BP Division


FC I Section


BP I Section


FC II Section


BP II Section


FC III Section


BP III Section


FC A/cs Section




Policy IV Section




Control Room




Movt Division


PD Division


Movt I Section


PD I Section


Movt II Section


PD II Section




Hindi Section




IC Division




I C Section



1.     Proposal pertaining to procurement and issue prices of foodgrains.

2.     Proposals received from the Policy Division, FC Division and Impex.

3.     Incidentals payable to State Governments.

4.     All administrative matters pertaining to FCI.

5.     Proposal pertaining to release of subsidy to the FCI and the State Governments who undertake Decentralized Procurement of foodgrains.

6.     Any other function assigned from time to time.



1.     All plan matters received from the PD Division.

2.     All matters received from the Edible oil Division, Directorate of VVO&F and HVOC.

3.     Supervision of Budget Section.

4.     Matters relating to Zero Base Budgeting in the Department, miscellaneous references on Plan Schemes, etc.

5.     Supervision of the work assigned to Finance Desk II/B

6.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     All matters relating to Sugar Development Fund Policy.

2.     All matters relating to grants for research projects for Sugar Development Fund.

3.     All matters relating to loans for cane development.

4.     All matters relating to modernization of sugar mills of all States.

5.     All matters relating to loans for bagasse based cogeneration of power projects.

6.     All matters relating to loans for production of anhydrous alcohol or ethanol from alcohol or from molasses.

7.     Grant of subsidy to sugar factories for maintenance of buffer stock of sugar.

8.     Grant of subsidy to sugar factories for internal transport and freight charges, neutralization of ocean freight charges, marketing and handling charges on export of sugar.

9.     Fixation of wholesalers/retailers’ margins for distribution of levy sugar by FCI/State Governments.

10.   Refixation of levy sugar price & export sugar price differentials between the period of  1974-75 to 1979-80 sugar seasons.

11.   All maters relating to sugar policy.

12.   All matters relating to sugar export.

13.   All matters relating to expansion/rehabilitation of sugar factories.

14.   All matters relating to Sugar Price Equalisation Fund.

15.   Any other function assigned from time to time.

DS(Fin II)

1.     CWC and State Warehousing Corporations

2.     Audit Paras pertaining to the Department, its attached and subordinate offices/FCI/CWC etc.

3.     Policy / procedural matters on preparation/submission/finalisation of replies to (i) Audit Inspection Reports (ii) Draft Audit Paras (iii) C&AG Reports (iv) PAC Reports and (v) Estimates Committee Reports - circulation of instructions issued by concerned authorities.

4.     Coordination within the Desk and submission of returns.

5.     Any other function assigned from time to time.


1.     Creation of posts in the Dte of Sugar / NSI, Kanpur.

2.     Conversion of temporary posts into permanent posts.

3.     Extension of temporary posts.

4.     All establishment matters of the Department/S&R Division.

5.     Foreign travel.

6.     Hiring of accommodation.

7.     Contingent expenditure of the Department.

8.     Economy measures and misc. references from other Ministries.

9.     Coordination within Finance Division.

10.   Proposals received from BP Division.

11.   Matters, other than plan, related to PD Division.

12.   Any other function assigned from time to time.



1.     Furnishing material for pre-budget review by Expenditure Secretary about tentative revised estimates for current year for non-plan and plan expenditure and receipts and  projection of non-plan expenditure for next year.

2.     Quarterly Projection of Expenditure and Receipt Report under Cash Flow Management  System to Ministry of Finance.

3.     Monitoring items relating to Budget, arising from Implementation of Fiscal Responsibility And Budget Management (FRBM) Act.

4.     Preparation of Budget Estimates of Food Subsidy payable to the FCI and to State Governments on decentralized procurement of grains.

5.     Preparation of sanctioned strength of the staff of the Department.

6.     Processing of budget proposals in respect of External Aid Material and Equipment.

7.     Compilation and consolidation of Budget Estimates, Revised Estimates and Final Estimates in respect of all Heads under Grant of the Department including estimates of internal and extra budgetary resources of FCI, CWC.

8.     Monthly & Quarterly report of Internal & External budgetary resources submitted to P&AO & Ministry of Finance.

9.     Budget proposals relating to loans and advances to Govt. servants and Publicity (DAVP).

10.   Coordination with the Department of Consumer Affairs for preparing the Demands for Grant of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & PD as a whole for printing and laying on  the table of the Houses of Parliament.

11.   Performance Budget - preparing and printing, laying on the table of Houses.

12.   ‘Vote on Account’.

13.   Supplementary Demands for Grants.

14.   Notes on Demands for Grants.

15.   Brief for Minister on Budget Estimates.

16.   Write up on plan budget.

17.   Surrender/re-appropriation of funds.

18.   Distribution of Budget allotment among different units/divisions.

19.   Explanation for variations for draft Appropriation Account.

20.   Reporting monthly progress of expenditure/receipts and quarterly review of progress of  Plan and Non-Plan expenditure submitted to Ministry of Finance (through monthly D.O. letter from AS&FA to Secretary(Expenditure).

21.   Giving assurance for excess payment pending finalisation of Budget Estimates/ Re-appropriation.

22.   Queries about availability of funds.

23.   Monthly statement on progress of expenditure from COA (Food) and intimation to various administrative sections thereof for reconciliation.

24.   Proposals for opening of New Heads/Sub-Heads.

25.   Dealing with references from Budget and Plan Finance Divisions (Ministry of Finance) regarding Revised Estimates of Plan Funds.

26.   Preparation of Revised Estimates & Budget Estimates of Internal and Extra Budget Resources (IEBR).

27.   Issue of certificate of availability of funds for scooter/motor cycle/car advances and maintenance of expenditure account.

28.   Periodical reports to WSU, other sections and administrative Vigilance Unit and Parliament Section.

29.   Any other function assigned from time to time.



1.     Preparation of bills on accounts of pay, allowances and advances in respect of all gazetted and non-gazetted staff at Headquarters.

2.     Drawal and disbursement of pay, allowances, advances, etc., in respect of all gazetted and non-gazetted staff at Headquarters.

3.     Preparation of bills regarding GPF advances/withdrawal, T.A. advance, leave travel concession advance, leave salary advance, festival advance, cycle/scooter advance of staff at Headquarters.

4.     Drawal and disbursement of all advances for gazetted/non-gazetted staff at Headquarters.

5.     Verification from pay bills of the services of gazetted/non-gazetted staff at Headquarters.

6.     Drawal and disbursement of bills on account of contingent expenditure of the Department.

7.     Maintenance of various registers, such as bill register, recovery register, event register, CEA register, expenditure register, etc.

8.     Preparation of various outgoing returns/reports.

9.     Dealing of cases regarding audit objections, Parliament Questions relating to Cash matters.

10.   Dealing with cases regarding final withdrawal from GPF after retirement/resignation.

11.   Preparation of Income Tax statement and calculation of taxes due.

12.   Dealing with references regarding various missing credits of GPF, Licence Fee and settling the same with respect of pay bills.

13.   Preparation of LPCs in respect of outgoing officers/staff.

14.   Issue of monthly statements of pay and allowances to all officers (gazetted and non- gazetted) and other members of staff.

15.   Preparation of bills on accounts of pay and allowances and T.A. in respect of Ministers of  State and Class I officers.

16.   Verification of recoveries of licence fee made from the pay bills of officers/staff.

17.   Maintenance of GPF Account of gazetted and non-gazetted staff including group D staff.

18.   Receipts/transfer of GPF accounts of transferee.

19.   Allotment of GPF Account Nos. to entire gazetted/non-gazetted staff.

20.   Issue of annual statements of GPF to the entire staff.

21.   Recommendation of the GPF figures booked by this Department and Controller of  Accounts (Food).

22.   Maintenance of GPF nominations of the entire staff.

23.   Maintenance of Budget expenditure control register.

24.   Preparation of short-term bills.

25.   Preparation of air passage bills.

26.   Cases regarding sanction of CEA in respect of gazetted/ non-gazetted staff and preparation of bills therefor.

27.   Preparation of living allowances/ thesis expenses/ medical claims/ tour expenses in respect of Colombo Plan Trainees.

28.   Maintenance of valuable/ cheque registers and forwarding of cheques.

29.   Maintenance of bills and disbursement in respect of DCR Gratuity/ leave encashment/savings in insurance fund.

30.   Maintenance of pay bill registers/ ledgers in respect of individual officers and  members of  staff.

31.   Drawal and disbursement in respect of arrears, interim relief, ADA, ad hoc  bonus, etc., sanctioned from time to time.

32.   Preparation of Exchange Vouchers of air travel and processing of bills of  Indian Airlines/ AirIndia/ Vayudoot for payments.

33.   Calculation of interest on short and long term advances to the staff of Department.

34.   Any other function assigned from time to time.



All establishment matters relating to all cadres, Group'A' Gazetted posts/ Group 'B'(Non-Gazetted) and Group 'C' posts/Staff belonging to CSS/CSSS in the Department of Food and Public Distribution and the following Gazetted/ Group'B' (Non-Gazetted) posts:-



i. Joint Director(Movement)


ii) Special Officer(M.I)

i) Private Secretary

iii) Accounts Officer(Sugar0

ii) Additional Private Secretary

iv) Accounts Officer(Budget)

iii) First PA

v) Deputy Director(Hindi)

iv) Assistant Private Secretary

vi) Assistant Director(Hindi)

v) Second PA

vii) Welfare Officer

vi) Language PA

viii) Research Assistant(IWSU)


ix) Accountant


x) Statistical Officer


xi) Library & Information Officer


xii) Statistical Investigator



Establishment matters include:

1.     All Establishment matters like:-

                      i.        Framing & review of Recruitment Rules

                     ii.        creation of posts

                    iii.        Recruitments (through UPSC/SSC/Employment Exchange)

                    iv.        pre-appointment formalities viz. verification of character & antecedents,medical examination etc.,

                     v.        maintenance of Service Books

                    vi.        probation & confirmation

                   vii.        maintenance of ACRs

                  viii.        promotion (both regular & ad hoc)

                    ix.        posting/transfer

                     x.        Retirement

                    xi.        Resignation

                   xii.        preparation of seniority lists

                  xiii.        maintenance of reservation roster & recruitment roster

                  xiv.        continuance of temporary posts

                   xv.        fixation of pay

                  xvi.        increments

                 xvii.        calling for Annual Property Returns

                xviii.        Deployment of staff in Holiday Cell etc.

xix.                Grant of all kinds of advances like LTC, GPF, Bicycle, motor car, motor cycle, computers, Festival Advance, HBA, Salary Advance, GPF withdrawal, medical advances, etc.

xx.                Framing of LTC claims, TC claims, medical reimbursement claims etc.

xxi.                Grant of leaves, maintenance of records thereof, viz., RH, CL, EL, HPL, EOL, Special CL, Commuted Leave, Study leave etc.

xxii.                Maintenance of records for (a) details of family (b) nomination for CGEGIS/DCRG/GPF etc.

xxiii.                Review of services under FR 56(j), verification of services after completion of 25 years of service, annual verification of service, from PBR.

xxiv.                Disciplinary cases.

xxv.                Grant of permission under CCS (Conduct) Rules.

xxvi.                Forwarding of applications for (a) higher posts in other Departments (b) membership for Departmental Library and Central Secretariat Library (c) recruitment in Territorial Army etc.

xxvii.                Handling Parliament Questions & Assurances.

xxviii.                Preparation of BE&RE in respect of Establishment Branch.

xxix.                Preparation of materials for Annual Action Plan & Annual Report.

xxx.                Grant of Honorarium to the staff.

xxxi.                Dereservation of posts reserved for SC/ST in consultation with SC/ST Cell.

xxxii.                Any other function assigned from time to time.




All establishment matters relating to Group 'C' posts / staff belonging to CSCS in the Department of Food and Public Distribution and Group 'D' staff at Headquarters and the following Group'C' & 'D' (non-Gazetted) Ex cadre officers/posts.

1.     Staff Car Driver

2.     Senior Gestetner Operator

3.     Junior Gestetner Operator

4.     Assistant Librarian

5.     Library Attendant

6.     Senior Hindi Translator

7.     Junior Hindi Translator

8.     Caretaker

9.     Caner

10.   Dispatch Rider

11.   Movement Inspector

12.   Supervisor(MI)

13.   Draftsman

14.   Lab. Attendant

15.   Technical Operator

16.   Picker

17.   Statistical Investigator, Grade-II

18.   Canteen Manager

19.   Canteen Staff Group 'C' & 'D'



1.     Clerk

2.     Driver

3.     Jamadar

4.     Peon

Establishment matters include:

1.     All establishment matters of Group 'C' & 'D' employees like:

i.                Framing/review of recruitment rules

ii.                Creation of posts

iii.                Recruitment through SSC/ Employment Exchange/ Dte. General of Resettlement

iv.                Pre-appointment formalities viz. verification of character and antecedents, medical examination, etc.,

v.                maintenance of Service Books

vi.                Probation and confirmation

vii.                Promotions (regular and ad hoc)

viii.                Postings/ transfers

ix.                Maintenance of ACRs

x.                Resignation

xi.                 Retirement

xii.                Preparation of Seniority Lists

xiii.                Maintenance of Reservation Rosters

xiv.                Fixation of pay

xv.                Annual increments cases

xvi.                Deployment of staff in Holiday Duty Cell.

                Grant of all kinds of advances like GPF/ for purchase of vehicles/ computers/ HBA – in respect of the staff administered in E II Section.

                Claims - LTC/ TA after retirement/ medical/ GPF withdrawal.

                Grant of all kinds of leave and maintenance of leave accounts of employees.

                Nominations - GPF/CGEGIS/DCRG/Family Pension etc.

                Review under FR 56(j)/Verification of services of employees (Annual as well as under Rule 32 of CCS (Pension) Rules.

                Disciplinary cases.

                Grant of permissions under CCS (Conduct) Rules.

                Forwarding of applications for (a) higher posts in other Deptts (b) Library membership etc.

                Parliament Questions.

                Preparation of Budget/Revised Estimates in respect of E II.

                Materials for Annual Action Plan/Annual Report.

                Dereservation of posts reserved for SC/ST in consultation with SC/ST Cell.

                Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Administration of the Warehousing Corporations Act, 1962, its application, amendments and interpretation of the various sections of the Act.

2.     CWC(Rules), 1963, CWC(Staff) Regulations, 1966, CWC(Central) Regulations, 1965, CWC Employees' Provident Fund Regulations, 1962, application, interpretation and amendments thereto.

3.     Matters relating to constitution of Board of Directors of CWC, meetings of Board of Directors, Executive Committees, etc., of CWC and NCDC.

4.     Administrative control of CWC.

5.     Sanction of equity and loan to be released to CWC, examination of performance of financial review, annual accounts, audit reports, etc., Budget proposals of CWC, Revised Estimates - Supplementary Grants, etc.

6.     Work relating to Parliamentary Committees – Public Accounts Committee, Committee on Public Undertakings, Consultative Committee, Committee on Subordinate Legislations, Committee on papers laid etc., pertaining to CWC.

7.     Matters relating to SWCs falling within the ambit of the Central Government in terms of the provisions of the Warehousing Corporations Act,1962.

8.     Policy regarding construction of godowns, centres and capacities to be constructed with reqard to CWC.

9.     Five Year Plans and Annual Plans relating to construction of godowns for CWC.

10.   Periodical review of progress of construction of godowns by CWC.

11.   Maintenance of statistical data relating to availability of storage accommodation with FCI,   CWC, and SWCs.

12.   Monitoring of Annual Action Plan on Storage and Warehousing in respect of CWC.

13.   World Bank assisted Foodgrain Storage Project (only if applicable to CWC).

14.   Acquisition of land for construction of godowns by CWC - matters arising therefrom.

15.   Examination of reports of various study teams on storage - meetings relating to.

16.   Settlement of audit paras relating to CWC.

17.   Development of storage infrastructure facilities in North Eastern Region in conjunction with FC Division in respect of FCI.

18.   Parliament Questions.

19.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Implementation of National Policy on handling, storage and transportation of foodgrains under which integrated bulk handling facilities for foodgrains are being created through private sector participation on Build-Own-Operate basis (BOO).

2.     Legislative framework for making the warehouse receipts a fully negotiable instrument is being created in the TFC. For this a Warehousing (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2005 has been drafted.

3.     Work related to joint venture project of CWC for storage of cold chain facilities in India.

4.     Creation of cold storage facility for storage of fruits and vegetables at Kandhar in Afghanistan by CWC with grant-in-aid from the Ministry of External Affairs.

5.     Development of rail side warehouses by CWC in joint venture with Indian Railways.

6.     Construction of godowns under Seven Years Guarantee Scheme of FCI.

7.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Coordination work relating to preparation of Five Year Plans/ Annual Plans for all central and centrally sponsored schemes of the Department.

2.     Five Year Plan and Annual Plan proposals of State Governments/ Union Territories.

3.     Periodical reviews on progress of Plan schemes.

4.     Coordination work relating to International Assistance through UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, TCDC, etc.

5.     Coordination of Developmental Programmes relating to Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/Rural Areas.

6.     All work relating to the Standing Committee for Project Approval and Implementation including follow-up action on the decisions of the Committee.

7.     Arranging periodical review meetings at JS/ Secretary’s level on progress of Annual Action Plan and taking follow-up action.

8.     Preparing monthly/ quarterly progress reports furnished to the Cabinet Sectt/PM's Office on key items of the Annual Action Plan.

9.     Coordination work relating to the preparation and monitoring of the 20 Point Programme, 1986 in so far as items relating to this Department are concerned.

10.   Preparation and separate monitoring of the TSP component of the Annual Plans.

11.   Any other function assigned from time to time.





1.     Welfare visits to the houses of seriously ailing employees and arrangements for their admission to hospitals, wherever necessary.

2.     Conducting of condolence meetings and condolence visits to the houses of deceased Government employees.

3.     Assistance to the families of deceased Government servants in matters of employment in Government service of dependent of the deceased Government  employees, retention and allotment of Government accommodation, completion of family pension and other papers.

4.     Assistance to staff in respect of disputes in families of Government servants with their neighbours in Delhi/ New Delhi and land, property etc., at their native place.

5.     Arrangement and coordination in organizing farewell parties to officers and staff members.

6.     Organisation of social activities by way of establishment of clubs and recreational centres, for members of the staff including class IV employees.

7.     Similar activities to be organised in areas predominately inhabited by Government employees for them and their families.

8.     Provision of, facilities for indoor and outdoor sports for members of the staff setting up of recreation club.

9.     Encouragement of cultural activities (drama, music) amongst the members of the staff.

10.   Improvement in the actual working conditions of the staff including improvement of hygienic conditions at the working premises.

11.   Assistance in relation to transport, housing, school, sanitary amenities - in residential and office areas.

12.   Provision for common room in the office building for the women employees.

13.   Induction of new members of the staff and advising them in their initial difficulties.

14.   Assistance to members of the staff in relation to LPCs, pension papers, gratuity etc.

15.   Coordination regarding ceremonies, official functions.

16.   Provision for creches in the office building for the women employees.

17.   Assisting the Chief Welfare Officer of the Department of Personnel and Training in the appointment of Area Welfare Officers for Government residential colonies.

18.   Coordination with CGHS, MCD, CPWD, NDMC, Police, educational authorities, etc.

19.   To assist and cooperate in National Programmes of National Integration and family welfare and immunisation, etc.

20.   To encourage consumer cooperative movement for the benefit of the employees.


1.     Setting up of benevolent funds and maintenance of accounts of the Benevolent Fund of the Ministry proper.

2.     Matters relating to membership of Benevolent Fund.

3.     Sanction of loan/grant to the members of Fund.

4.     Managing Committee meeting and related matters.


1.     Matters relating to Office Council.

2.     Office Council meeting and related matters.


1.     All matters relating to membership of employees in the Central Government Health Scheme.

2.     Issue of new CGHS card and cancellation/ additions/ alterations etc., in CGHS Token Cards.

3.     Issue of duplicate CGHS card on account of loss/ mutilation etc.

4.     Procurement of CGHS Token Cards, their issue to employees of the Department and maintenance of their records. Surrender of CGHS cards to (received on account of retirement) CGHS (HQ). Issue of No Demand Certificates in this regard.

5.     Arrangement to be made for the refund of CGHS contribution to non-CGHS beneficiaries

6.     Arrangement for blood donations.

7.     First aid services.

8.     Appointment of Authorised Medical Attendants in the areas not covered by CGHS.


1.     Arrangement for issue of official/ diplomatic passports and visas in respect of officers going abroad.

2.     Arrangement for renewal as well as surrender of official/ diplomatic passport.

3.     Arranging entry passes for airports in Delhi.

4.     To assist seminars, meetings of national/international level.

5.     Protocol arrangement for senior officers and Minister while going on tour.


1.     The operational, financial and all other related matters of Food Department canteen.

2.     Managing Committee Meeting and related matters.

3.     Welfare problems of canteen staff.


1.     Issue of identity cards/ temporary passes, special passes to officials as well as non-officials including arrangements for photographers, payment of photographer bill.

2.     Arrangement for procurement and supply of clips and chains to the identity card holders.

3.     Arrangement to be made for the destruction of photo passes, received on account of retirement, transfer, etc.

4.     Issue of No Demand Certificate in this regard.

5.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Endorsement of instructions under various rules and regulations to section/ attached and subordinate offices/ Public Sector Undertakings etc., where no particular section in the Department is concerned with the subject matter.

2.     Coordination concerning more than two Divisions where subject matter is not the concern of any specific Section/ Division in the Department.

3.     Returns relating to matters when compilation involves collection of information from more than two Divisions.

4.     Work relating to Standing Committee and work relating to SCT Cell.

5.     Collection and compilation of material relating to Department from various sources for the Press Conference of Ministers from time to time.

6.     Coordination and compilation of Brief for the Minister for tour to various States in respect of the Department.

7.     Supply of material relating to publications such as All India Civil List, Delhi Official Directory in respect of the Department.

8.     Other miscellaneous administrative matters requiring coordination such as the reference relating to election matters, Pay Commission etc.

9.     Collection and compilation of material for annual report of the Department.

10.   Circulation of miscellaneous books and publications received from other Ministries etc.

11.   Supply of material and information in respect of Parliament Question received from various Ministries/ Departments when the subject matter is not the concern  of any Section/ Division and where information has to be collected from more than two Divisions.

12.   Miscellaneous instructions received from other Ministries/Departments involving coordination regarding matters such as legal affairs, agreement, sale tax and other taxes, stores, recovery of Government dues from private parties/ firms, various enactments and rules and regulations which require to be circulated to a number of sections in the Department.

13.   Conference/ Committees/ Commissions/ Board, etc., of other Ministries/ Departments - Participation by the Department - Reports of such Conferences, Committees, etc., when they require coordination between more than two Divisions.

14.   Preparation of monthly summary and monthly d.o. letters in respect of the Department.

15.   Instructions on punctuality and compilation of monthly progress report on attendance in respect of Department.

16.   Review meetings regarding progress in disposal of communications received from MPs/VIPs.

17.   Senior Officers meeting held under Chairmanship of the Secretary (FPD).

18.   Annual Publicity Plan of Department of Food & Public Distribution – Coordinating material for Annual publicity Plan for sending it to Department of Consumer Affairs.

19.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Nomination of officers of all categories for training abroad against the fellowships offered by the foreign countries, universities, Foundations and International Institutions.

2.     Nominations of officers of all categories for training courses and refresher courses in various training institutions within India.

3.     Setting-up of training centers and organizing part-time training for LDCs/ UDCs/ Stenographers on decentralized basis at Ministry/ Department level.

4.     Preparation of plan for training of groups B, C and D staff.

5.     Nomination of officers for Workshops, Seminars, Conferences arranged by various agencies in India

6.     Parliament questions etc. relating to the above.

7.     O&M and other periodical returns.

8.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Indenting of receipt and distribution of stationery articles, forms, calendars, diaries, etc.

2.     Local purchase of vocabulary and non-vocabulary items of stationery, briefcases and miscellaneous items, distribution and passing of bills.

3.     Purchase, maintenance, repair etc. of typewriters, paper-shredder, photocopier machines, scanner machine and duplicators. Passing of estimates for repairs and passing of bills.

4.     Purchase of cloth for uniforms and other livery items of the common categories of Group C & D staff at HQs of the Department and payment of bills, stitching charges etc.

5.     Purchase of maps, reference books etc. and payment of bills therefor.

6.     Printing work of the Department and payment of bills to the Government of India Press/ Department of Publication.

7.     Binding work of the Department and payment of bills therefor.

8.     Supervision and maintenance of Record Room of the Department.

9.     Supervision over the R&I, Night Duty, Telex, Telephone Exchange and Caretaker.

10.   All matters relating to Grants-in-aid to the Recreation Club.

11.   Matters relating to hospitality and entertainment and passing of bills therefor.

12.   Preparation of nameplates and rubber stamps and passing of bills thereof.

13.   Purchase, maintenance and repairs of electronic calculators and typewriters, desk and pocket calculators and payment of bills thereof.

14.   Operation of duplicating machine and photocopying machines.

15.   Purchase of crockery for senior officers.

16.   Correspondence with CPWD on matters relating to civil works, electrical work and air conditioning and passing of bills.

17.   Purchase and distribution of cycles/maintenance and repairs of cycles.

18.   Award of contract for cycle stand and watching the recoveries of rent therefor.

19.   Purchase, repairs and inventory of furniture, furnishing, almirahs, racks, clocks, time pieces etc.

20.   Award of contract for fruit stall and watching of recoveries of rent and service charges in respect of the stall.

21.   Condemnation and auction of unserviceable stores and disposal of waste papers, old magazines and staff cars.

22.   Audit, physical verification, instructions of cleanliness, appointment of floor leaders etc.

23.   Purchase of sanitary items, towels, dusters, tube lights, bulbs, call-bells and wires etc.

24.   Punctuality and attendance matters of Farashes and Safai Karmcharis.

25.   Booking of Committee Room.

26.   Matters relating to office and residential accommodation.

27.   Departmental security, theft, etc., in office premises.

28.   Fire safety measures.

29.   All matters relating to staff cars and motorcycles.

30.   Management of staff car drivers of the Department.

31.   All matters relating to office and residential telephones, payment of bills, purchase of telephone accessories.

32.   Heating and cooling arrangements, purchase, repair of heaters, sunflows, desert coolers, air conditioners, etc.

33.   Recruitment, deployment and all matters relating to daily wage labourers.

34.   Budget Estimate, expenditure, coordination and Annual Action Plan.

35.   Computerisation in the Department.

36.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     All matters relating to implementation of the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act).
-Appointment of Central Public Information Officer and Central Assistant Public Information Officer;
-Collection and Compilation of material for the manuals as provided in the RTI Act;
-Evolving internal procedures for implementation of the RTI Act;
-Reports/ returns on prescribed by the DOPT on implementation of the RTI Act and monitoring thereof;
-Circulation of instructions received from the DOPT etc for compliance in the Department and its attached / subordinate / field offices and PSUs;

2.     All matters relating to E- Governance.

3.     Any other matter assigned from time to time.




1.     Coordination of work relating to all business in the two Houses of Parliament.

2.     Monitoring the fulfillment of assurances, promises and undertakings given by the Ministers in Parliament.

3.     Preparation of duty rosters of officers to attend Parliamentary debates and reporting of important points raised at the debates to officers concerned for preparation of brief for the use of Ministers.

4.     Organizing meetings of the Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and attending to all connected coordination work.

5.     Issuing circulars/instructions, the need for which arise out of correspondence with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and reports of Parliamentary Committees.

6.     Liaising with the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha Secretariats direct and through the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

7.     Obtaining passes for entry to Parliamentary House/ offices and official galleries of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

8.     Coordination of reports and returns prescribed by the Department of Parliamentary Affairs and Secretariats of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

9.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Selection and acquisitions of books and publications for Library.

2.     Acquisitions and updating of Government reference books, Rules and Acts etc., and maintenance of Gazettes of India.

3.     Accessioning, classification and cataloguing of books and publications acquisitioned for Library by purchase and gift.

4.     Subscriptions for periodicals/newspapers and Journals.

5.     Receipt and recording of periodicals and Journals.

6.     Registration of members for Library.

7.     Daily Circulation of newspapers/periodicals to Ministers/ Secretary and other senior officers of the Department.

8.     Issue/Returns of books, publications and periodicals to Minister/Secretary and senior officers/ staff members of the Department.

9.     Borrowing of books and publications from other libraries on Inter-Library loan system for official use.

10.   Compilation of Library bulletin.

11.   Preparation of Library Budget.

12.   Preparation of Bibliography on 'Food' and its related subjects.

13.   Reference service in person or on telephone.

14.   Conducting meetings of Library Committee every quarter.

15.   Participation in Library Conferences/Seminars etc.

16.   Issue of 'No Demand Certificate' to officers/staff in the event of transfer/ retirement/ resignation etc. and writing off library publications.

17.   Regular updating of computerized Library database.

18.   Computerized indexing of all Library books for quick consultations and providing right information.

19.   Passing the reimbursement bills of newspapers.

20.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Procurement of foodgrains under price support and examination of support price proposals from Ministry of Agriculture.

2.     Important matters relating to implementation of Procurement Policy.

3.     Procurement Policy of foodgrains (wheat, paddy, rice).

4.     Procurement of foodgrains under levy and fixation of levy prices.

5.     Fixation of Central Issue Prices of foodgrains for PDS/ RPDS.

6.     Permission to State Governments for Inter-State purchase of foodgrains.

7.     Preparation of important briefs/ notes on price Policy procurement/support prices etc. for supply to Minister, Planning Commission, Dte. of E&S and other concerned Departments.

8.     Bank credit to States for procurement of foodgrains.

9.     Conference of State Food Ministers/Food Secretaries on Procurement policy.

10.   Decentralised procurement of foodgrains by State Govt.

11.   High Level Committee for formulating a long term grain policy for the country.

12.   Fixation of Economic cost Wheat/Rice for Decentralised Procurement.

13.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Court cases relating to Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and orders issued thereunder, excluding Sugar cases relating to:

i.                Levy on Rice.

ii.                Restriction on Movement of Foodgrains.

iii.                Storage limit of foodgrains.

iv.                Recovery of differential cost of wheat and rice on account of revision in their issue price from time to time.

                Court cases/ references relating to Sales Tax on handling of foodgrains by FCI.

                Items dealt with by the erstwhile SPO/ RFA Sections viz.(some old Cases prior to inception of FCI)
(A) Shipping matters:

 .                Regularisation of losses by damaged/ short delivery of Food Cargoes and gunnies including Court cases thereon.

i.                Recovery of despatch money from shipping agents.

ii.                Recovery from shipping agents on account of demurrage.

(B) Handling/Transport Contract:

iii.                Settlement of Security Deposits of contractors.

iv.                Arbitration/ Court cases between Government and contractors.

v.                Settlement of Advance Money for maintenance of vacuvators at Kandla with Kandla Port Trust.

vi.                Reconcilliation of imprest account with Kandla Port Trust.

(C) Accounts Matters:

vii.                Finalization of accounts of funds advanced to the State Governments in connection with procurement of foodgrains on behalf of the Centre.

viii.                Regularisation of transit and storage losses in respect of cases relating to the period prior to 01.04.1969.

ix.                Old cases relating to claims of State Governments on account of under charges of railway freight.

(D) General:

x.                Receipts, consolidation, analysis and follow-up action on periodical reports received from regions showing the progress in the clearance of residuary items of  work and to keep liaison with FCI in this regard.

xi.                Budget work in respect of the items pertaining to erstwhile SPO/RFA Section.

xii.                Follow-up action on Residuary Audit Objections inspection reports/ paras treated as settled from Audit point of view.

                Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Under the E.C. Act

i.                Issue and amendment of statutory orders to give effect to Government's policy relating to foodgrains.

ii.                Grant of Central Government prior concurrence to the promulgation of statutory orders on foodgrains by State Governments and Union Territory Administrations.

iii.                Delegation of powers to State Governments and Union Territory Administrations in respect of foodgrains.

iv.                Giving of interpretations and clarifications sought by State Governments/ Union Territory Administrations and the public.

                Procurement/pricing policy of gunny bags.

 .                Policy regarding procurement of B.Twill bags by DGS&D on behalf of indenting organisation, FCI, State Governments, etc.

i.                Policy to be followed regarding fixation of gunny prices for procurement of rice.

ii.                Matters regarding requirement of gunny/jute bags by FCI and various State Agencies.

                Procurement Policy of Coarsegrains.

                Transport subsidy to Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands.

                Transport subsidy to Hill States, Principal Distribution Centres.

                Reimbursement of Road Transport Charges to NE States.

                Parliament Questions on the above subject.

                Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Policy regarding sale of wheat in the open market by FCI

2.     Policy regarding sale of rice/ paddy in the open market by FCI.

3.     Disposal of foodgrains by FCI/ State Governments.

4.     Matters relating to permission for conversion of PDS wheat into atta/ maida and suji.

5.     Complaints from roller flour mills about non-availability of wheat with FCI.

6.     Claims of State Governments relating to substandard/ damaged foodgrains.

7.     Policy regarding disposal of damaged foodgrains by Food Corporation of India.

8.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Food Corporations Act, 1964 - interpretation thereof and amendments thereto.

2.     Food Corporation Rules - Interpretation of and amendment thereto.

3.     Staff Regulations - examination and processing of proposals for amendment with the Ministry of Finance, BPE and other concerned Ministries.

4.     Enactment and amendment of various Regulations for FCI, in consultation with the Ministry of Law.

5.     Constitution of State/ Union Territory Consultative Committee of FCI and appointment of non-official Members on these Committees and matters relating thereto.

6.     Revision of pay, allowances, and other fringe benefits of the employees of FCI, other than of the Departmental Labourers.

7.     Matters relating to clarifications sought by FCI on establishment matters including service matters in consultation with Finance, BPE, etc.

8.     i) Matters relating to appointment of Directors and Secretary of FCI.
ii) Matters relating to appointment of officers on deputation to FCI.

9.     Coordination of papers relating to agenda notes of the meeting of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees.

10.   References from VIPs and MPs about representations on establishment matters in the FCI.

11.   Representations from associations/ unions of regular employees other than labour/ workers union on establishment matters.

12.   Exercise of power under ESMA, in relation to FCI employees.

13.   Representation of FCI in Port Trust Boards, Dock Labour Boards, National Harbour Boards, etc.

14.   Parliament Questions and legal matters relating to the subjects enumerated above.

15.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Budget Estimates, Annual Report, Annual Accounts, Balance Sheets, etc., of FCI.

2.     Sanction of equity capital and loan to the FCI.

3.     Foreign Exchange Budget proposals of the FCI.

4.     Proposals relating to financial requirements of the FCI.

5.     Cash credit accommodation from financial institutions, bank guarantees, etc.

6.     Audit objections and PAC Reports, etc., relating to matters dealt within the Section.

7.     COPU examination of FCI.

8.     Appointment of Auditors to the FCI.

9.     Annual Action Plans of the FCI.

10.   VIPs complaints against FCI officials in respect of operational matters e.g. breach of contracts, commercial transactions, irregularities in storage depots.

11.   Processing of legal notices relating to subjects indicated at serial no.10.

12.   Subsidiary activities of the FCI - approval to.

13.   Participation of FCI in International Trade Fairs.

14.   Parliament Questions, Resolutions, Cut Motions relating to the above items.

15.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Concurrent appointments of officers of the Food Corporation of India.

2.     Statutory transfer of staff to the Food Corporation of India.

3.     Policy matters relating to Food transferees.

4.     Service matters of Food transferees such as seniority, fixation of pay, leave salary, foreign service contribution, GPF, gratuity, pension, etc.

5.     Representations from Food transferees/ unions/ associations on service matters.

6.     Matters concerning labour/ workers in FCI and related aspects.

7.     Representations from labour/ workers unions/ associations.

8.     Industrial disputes raised by FCI employees or workers.

9.     Parliament Questions on the above subject.

10.   Legal matters on the above subject.

11.   Follow up action on the residuary Audit Inspection Reports/ Paras treated as settled from Audit point of view.

12.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Fixation of procurement incidentals to the State Governments and its procuring agencies for procurement of wheat to the Central Pool.

2.     Fixation of procurement incidentals for Custom Milled Rice for the State Governments and its procuring agencies, for Central Pool.

3.     Fixation of incidentals of coarsegrains for State Governments and its procuring agencies for Central Pool.

4.     Fixation of administrative and forwarding charges for procurement of levy rice.

5.     Fixation of gunny prices for State Governments and its agencies for procurement of wheat and Custom Milled Rice for Central Pool.

6.     Payment of Food Subsidy to the FCI.
6(a) Payment of Food Subsidy to the state governments for procurement of foodgrains under Decentralized Procurement Scheme.

7.      Settlement of outstandings of FCI against the various State Governments.

8.     Recovery of differential cost consequent on revision of issue prices of wheat and rice for Public Distribution System.

9.     Miscellaneous matters relating to mode of delivery consequent on introduction of prepayment system.

10.   Parliament Questions related to procurement incidentals and food subsidy.

11.   Audit Paras/ O&M returns.

12.   Any other functions assigned from time to time.




1.     To monitor the procurement of Kharif and Rabi foodgrains and take follow up action wherever necessary.

2.     To feed the computer terminal daily with State-wise data on Kharif and Rabi procurement for bringing out the computerised all India daily/ weekly bulletin on  procurement of Rabi & Kharif foodgrains.

3.     To prepare briefs, notes, etc., on various aspects of procurement operations for meetings, conferences and tours of Minister/Senior Officers, as may be required  from time to time.

4.     Maintenance of important statistics relating to production, procurement and prices of foodgrains.

5.     Preparation and maintenance of display charts, graphs, diagrams, depicting uptodate position of procurement, stocks, public distribution, etc. Preparation of various graphs/ charts for the Annual Report of the Department and other publications.

6.     To monitor Complaints on distress sale of foodgrains vis-à-vis MSP and other problems relating to procurement operations.

7.     Meeting of High Powered Price Monitoring Board – Matter regarding.

8.     Parliament Questions and discussions relating to procurement and distress sale of foodgrains.

9.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Planning and monitoring the movement of foodgrains after their take-over by FCI to the recipient States.

2.     Coordination with the Railways regarding supply of Rakes/Wagons for loading of sponsored foodgrains.

3.     Attending to the complaints/representations from the States Governments/ State Agencies/UTs regarding inadequate movement of foodgrains to and from the States.

4.     Reviewing and monitoring induction of foodgrains in difficult areas viz. Assam/ NE and J&K, Sikkim etc. and other critical areas identified from time to time and organising review meeting as and when required.

5.     Follow up action with Railways, where necessary, on matters relating to imposition of restrictions on movement of foodgrains in accordance with Central Orders issued by the Central Government.

6.     Priority schedule of booking of traffic in Railways.

7.     Approaching the Railways for relaxation of booking restrictions likely to adversely affect the movement and availability of foodgrains.

8.     Diversion of wagons to stations other than originally booked in respect of indigenous foodgrains.

9.     Watching of releases of foodgrains wagons at various important terminals in the country identified from time to time.

10.   Maintenance of Statistics regarding movement of indigenous foodgrains on FCI account from surplus to deficit states and calling for data from FCI Head Office and Regional Offices regarding movement of foodgrains.

11.   Assistance to and liaison/coordination with State Governments/ Public Sector Undertakings and other Railway users in the movement of foodgrains and other agricultural products (Inter-State and Intra-State).

12.   Parliament Questions on the subjects dealt with by the section.

13.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Coordination regarding positioning of Gunny bales for FCI and State Agencies, tentative scheduling, movement and timely availability thereof for both Rabi and  Kharif seasons.

2.     Compilation/ issue of detailed Sugar Movement Programme on Monthly basis on receipt of Sugar Release Statement from the Directorate of Sugar for movement of levy sugar to various States.

3.     Matters relating to meeting and committee etc regarding movement of foodgrains/sugar and storage godowns of State Govts. & FCI.

4.     Audit objections relating to transit losses, demurrage, wharfage etc. paid by FCI to Railways during transportation of foodgrains by Railways.

5.     Action on the recommendations of the Parliamentary and other Committees on the movement of foodgrains and other operations connected therewith.

6.     Policy matters regarding packing conditions, weighment at Railway premises, issue of clear RRs, provision of dunnage etc.

7.     Assistance in movement of rakes for loading of levy sugar to North East, J&K etc.

8.     Receipt of periodical statistical reports from FCI depots and Head quarters and maintenance of records and statistical data and issue of various statements in respect of imported foodgrains.

9.     Correspondence with Railways for shortage of foodgrains in rail transit.

10.   Liaison with Railway Board, Zonal and Port Trust, Railway authorities, State Governments and FCI.

11.   Coastal movement of foodgrains for internal consumption excluding its financial aspects and cost factors.

12.   Monitoring of Movement/ shipments of imported foodgrains (imported on Govt. a/c) from the time of shipment schedule, departure from ports, arrivals and daily unloading at ports, clearance from ports and further dispatches by rail/ road.

13.   Assistance in rail movement of foodgrians for export.

14.   Railway freight rates and distances etc.

15.   Five Year Plans in respect of movement of sugar and foodgrains.

16.   Representation on committees etc. set up by the Central Government from time to time.

17.   Maintenance of railway Gazette/Notifications on movement restrictions etc. circulars and rate advices received from Railways.

18.   Missing foodgrains/ gunny bales wagons.

19.   Parliament Questions relating to above items of work.

20.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     IMPORTS

i.                Policy relating to import of cereals into India, whether commercially or in the form of food aid or on loan basis and ancillary matters including programme for these imports and shipment matters.

ii.                Liaison with FCI, supply wing at Washington and other concerned Missions abroad in connection with the purchase/import of cereals.

iii.                Intelligence and statistics relating to:

a.             Prices of foodgrains in international markets.

b.             Freight rates.

c.             Fixture, sailings and arrivals of ships, etc.


 .                Policy relating to export of cereals, including export quotas in respect of cereals and determination of agencies to handle these exports.

i.                Supply of foodgrains to friendly countries on commodity loan basis or as gifts and recovery of loans from the recepients.

ii.                Analysing policy thrusts.

iii.                Examination of representations relating to export of foodgrains.

iv.                Putting up issues relating to exports for decision.

                Parliamentary work

                Residuary work relating to wheat/ maida supplied to Bangladesh/ Sri lanka.

                Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Monitoring of international prices of foodgrains on day-to-day basis.

2.     Collection and compilation of information relating to export as well as import of foodgrains, country wise.

3.     Maintenance of data on freight rates and their monitoring.

4.     Maintenance of data on international production of foodgrains.

5.     Dealing expeditiously with routine queries by exporters.

6.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     The work relating to complaints and disciplinary/vigilance cases in respect of officers/officials and other items of work in respect of Deptt.of Food and P.D. and its Attached/Subordinate Offices may be dealt with by US(Vigilance ) i.e. AVU.II Desk.

2.     Similarly, work relating to complaints and disciplinary/vigilance cases in respect of officers/officials (including IAS/IPS/Class I officers on deputation in PSUs, ) and other related items in respect of PSUs may be handled by DO (Vigilance ) i.e. AVU. I Desk

The items of work to be dealt with by U.S(Vigilance) i.e. AVU.II Desk and D.O (Vigilance) i.e. AVU.I Desk in respect of (a) & (b) above respectively are detailed below:-

1.     Complaints received from Anti Corruption Cell of PMO and CBI.

2.     Complaints relating to corruption received from individuals/Associations etc.

3.     Miscellaneous/general complaints relating to corruption.

4.     MP/VIP references relating to vigilance matters.

5.     References received from President’s Secretariat relating to vigilance matters.

6.     Handling and rendering advice in respect of disciplinary/vigilance cases.

7.     Monitoring progress of disposal of disciplinary/vigilance cases.

8.     Handling court cases arising out of disciplinary proceedings having vigilance angle.

9.     Furnishing all periodical reports/returns to DOP&T/CVC on vigilance matters including Quarterly Report on Annual Action Plan on vigilance and anti corruption measures.

10.   Funishing Returns/Reports to AC/IWSU/Admn./Finance Division etc.

11.   Work relating to observance of Vigilance Awareness Week in the organizations under purview of CVC.

12.   Maintenance and follow up action relating to list of officers of doubtful integrity and Agreed List.

13.   Follow up action on investigation/preliminary inquiry carried out by CBI or any other agency and rendering required assistance to CBI in vigilance cases.

14.   Anti corruption activities in consultation with CBI/CVC and assistance to CBI.

15.   Publicity in Press of names and designations of officers convicted by Court in cases instituted by CBI.

16.   Follow up action regarding re-verification of ST Certificates of the officers/officials as per directions of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

17.   Circulation and follow up action on orders/instructions received from CVC/DOP&T and Deptt. of Public Enterprises etc.

18.   Any other function assigned from time to time.


As regards other items of work being dealt with in the Vigilance Division, the division of work is as under:-


Item of work



Issue of Vigilance Clearance Certificates in respect of officers/officials of D/o Food & PD, its Attached and Subordinate Offices located at Delhi and in respect of Group ‘A’ officers of Attached and Subordinate Offices located outside Delhi.




Work relating to Vigilance Clearance in respect of officers appointed/to be appointed on deputation in PSUs.



Appointment of Chief Vigilance Officers in the Deptt. of Food and PD, PSUs and appointment of Vigilance Officers in Attached and Subordinate Offices.



Surprise checks/inspections of corruption prone and sensitive areas in the Deptt. of Food & P.D and its field organizations.



Annual Vigilance Inspection of Attached and Subordinate Offices. 



Preparation and furnishing of material for Annual Report



Parliament Questions relating to vigilance matters.



Maintenance of books and manuals, guard files relating to vigilance matters.





1.     Implementation of various orders/ instructions issued by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (AR & PG) for toning up the administration and strengthening of the machinery for redressal of public grievances within the Ministry and its attached/ subordinate offices.

2.     Investigation of serious complaints/ grievances.

3.     Examination of public grievances and complaints to identify deficiencies and defects in procedure, etc.

4.     Forwarding of public complaints received directly or through Department of AR & PG etc. to the Divisions concerned/ attached/ subordinate offices for their redressal and monitoring of disposal of such complaints.

5.     Monthly reports from Divisions/ attached/ subordinate offices about the disposal of public grievances.

6.     Coordination and submission of prescribed returns on public grievances and complaints to the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.

7.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Investigation of quality complaints received from VIPs, Public and Newspapers etc.

2.     Inspection of Fair Price Shops.

3.     Inspection of storage godowns of foodgrains of FCI /CWC/State Government and their agencies.

4.     Inspection of Rice Mills (at the time of delivery of rice)

5.     Inspection of Procurement Centres.

6.     Rail Head Inspection.

7.     Flying squad along-with FCI officers to visit mandies, purchase centres during procurement.

8.     Collection and analysis of samples to ascertain the quality of foodgrains at different points of procurement, storage and distribution.

9.     Rendering of advice/opinion on the matters concerning the quality of foodgrains whenever sought by FCI and others.

10.   Monitoring/ Coordination of the work of QC Cells at Bangalore, Bhopal, Pune, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar, Calcutta and Hyderabad.

11.   Parliament Questions relating to quality of foodgrains.

12.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Classficaition of paddy/ rice varieties for fixation of price.

2.     Monthly technical appraisal on the condition of the foodgrains stocks held by FCI.

3.     Matters relating to the quality of foodgrains/ wheat products for export/ import purposes.

4.     Matter relating to Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act/ Rules, Insecticide Act, BIS standards, ISO/ CODEX standard etc. 

5.     Matters relating to technical advice on storage/ pesticides/ wastages/ losses to foodgrains, etc. 

6.     Matters relating to introduction of new technology for grain storage and inspection including irradiation. 

7.     Organisation/ participation in national/ international seminars/ workshops relating to storage and preservation of foodgrains and quality control & other Research  related subject.

8.     Parliament Questions relating to storage grain preservation and inspection of foodgrains, quality control and other research related subject.

9.     Purchase of necessary chemicals and equipments for CGAL.

10.   Analysis of the results of the samples analysed in the CGAL.

11.   Technical advice for disposal of sound/ sub-standard damaged foodgrains. 

12.   The disposal of sub-standard foodgrains will continue to be handled by the Policy IV Sections. Whenever a proposal is received in this regard, Policy IV would refer it to S&I Section for technical comments. It would be the responsibility of the S&I Section to furnish comprehensive remarks on all the technical matters involved with least delay. Thereafter, the matter would be processed and orders issued after obtaining approval of Finance, wherever necessary.

13.   Matter relating to Non-Plan schemes for training, research & development in the field of grain storage and inspection through Indian Grain Storage Management and Research Institute(IGMRI) and its field stations.

14.   Budgetary matter relating to IGMRI under and filling up of the posts in IGMRI.

15.   Audit objections, PSE reports, Estimate Committee report.

16.   Monitoring the construction/ repair work in IGMRI, Hapur and its field stations. 

17.   Purchase of materials, supplies, stores laboratory chemicals and equipment for IGMRI.

18.   Admission of trainees including foreign trainees to various IGMRI courses – setting up of papers, evaluation and timely declaration of the results. 

19.   Vigilance matters relating to IGMRI. 

20.   Matters relating to tour and participation of IGMRI officers in various seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. 

21.   Clearing house for transfer of technology developed by various R&D units for application by FCI, CWC, SWCs and other foodgrains handling organizations. Under JS (Policy & FCI ) 

22.   Formulation and review of specification for Kharif and Rabi foodgrains 

23.   Any other function assigned from time to time. 





1.     All establishment matters in respect of:

i.                All non Secretariat Group A and Group B (both Gazetted and non-gazetted posts in IGMRI, QCC as well as at Headquarters.

ii.                Group C posts at Headquarters.

iii.                Junior Accountant-cum Store Keepers in QCC offices.
Establishment matters include inter-alia :

a.             Creation/Extension of all posts of S&R Division (Group A,B,C and D)

b.             Cadre review of the organization.

c.             Framing of Recruitment Rules and amendment thereto in respect of all posts of S&R Division (Group A, B,C & D )

d.             Appointments/ promotions/ACP.

e.             Medical examination and verification of character antecedents.

f.              Fixation of pay

g.             Posting & Transfers.

h.             Grant of increments, leave and LTC etc.

i.              Grant of advances (except House Building Advance)

j.              Reimbursement of medical claims in respect of Headquarters and all cases where approval of Head quarters is required.

k.             Maintenance of personal files, service books and leave accounts.

l.              Review at the age of 50 and 55 years or on completion of 30 years service.

m.            Finalisation of pension cases in respect of Officers at Headquarters.

n.             Confirmation.

o.             Maintenance of quota and communal rosters.

p.             Movable and immovable property returns.

q.             Forwarding of applications to UPSC/SSC and other Departments/ Organisations as the case may be.

r.              Grant of honorarium /fee etc.

s.             Circulation of vacancies of other Departments in cases where, only officers of S&R Division are eligible.

                Advice/ Clarification in the administrative matters to all regional offices under S&R Division.

                Conveying the approval of DOPT in respect of dereservation of any posts to regional offices wherever required.

                Grant of special pay to Cashiers and Group D employees in regional offices.

                Approval for making ad-hoc appointments of staff/ extension of deputation in regional offices.

                Grant of GPF advances/withdrawals to all Gazetted/ non-gazetted staff in regional offices wherever approval of Ministry is required.

                Issue of Seniority Lists in respect of Group A & B posts, Technical Assistants, LDC, Junior Accountant-cum –Storekeeper in SGC, IGSI offices and at Headquarters.

                Parliament question in respect of administrative matters.

                Disciplinary cases in respect of administrative lapses relating to posts for which appointing authority is DS/ Director (A)/ Secretary(FPD), President (except Technical Assistant in regional offices).

                Grant of Casual leave/ Special Casual Leave to official/ Officers at Headquarters.

                Maintenance of CRs.

                Court cases on any of the above subject.

                Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Residual Work relating to Edible Oils Policy.

2.     Work relating to pending Court/Arbitration cases.

3.     Settlement of pending Audit Objections relating to EOP.

4.     Settlement of accounts with STC.

5.     Administrative work, particularly filling up technical posts (Group A & B) of the Directorate of Vanaspati, Vegetable Oils and Fats.

6.     Parliamentary matters concerning EOP Section.

7.     Record management concerning EOP Section.

8.     Miscellaneous matters including reports and returns concerning EOP Section.

9.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Scrutiny and processing of loan applications received from sugar factories for:

i.                Development of cane in their areas

ii.                Rehabilitation/Modernisation projects

iii.                Setting up of ethanol plants

iv.                Setting up of cogeneration power projects

v.                Rehabilitation of potentially sick viable sugar undertaking.

                Disbursement of loans sanctioned

                Amendment/Governance of SDF Act and Rules.

                Other matters related to above.




1.     Work relating to Office of Commissioner of Payments under the Amritsar Oil Works (Acquisition) Act 1982 and Ganesh Flour mills Acquisition Act 1984.

2.      Work relating to VSS dues of employee of HVOC Ltd.

3.     Work relating to BIFR – referred proposal for closure/ revival of HVOC Ltd.

4.     Court cases in Lower Courts, Industrial Tribunals/ Labour Courts/ High Courts and Supreme Court on various matters relating to HVOC Ltd.

5.     Work relating to Parliament Assurances, Facts, Questions etc. in HVOC Ltd.

6.     Policy decision on various issues relating to HVOC Ltd.

7.     Miscellaneous other works including VIP references, O&M returns, Record Management etc.

8.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Administration of Levy Sugar Price Equalisation Fund Act, 1976 and Rules framed thereunder:

i.                Legislative and Parliament work.

ii.                Collection and verification of information about excess realisations made by sugar factories on the sale of levy sugar under interim orders of the court.

iii.                Securing of credits to Levy Sugar Price Equalisation Fund of excess realisation made by sugar factories during different sugar seasons and reconciliation thereof with Controller of  Accounts.

iv.                Determination of questions as to whether excess amounts charged by sugar factories in the sale of levy sugar were excess realisations or not within the meaning of the Act.

v.                Receipt and scrutiny of claims for refund from wholesalers/ retailers/ consumers in terms of the provisions of the Act.

vi.                Vesting unclaimed amounts lying in the Fund in the Central Government and utilisation thereof.

vii.                Reimbursement of internal transport subsidy and neutralization of ocean freight disadvantage and marketing and handling charges for export of sugar.

a.             Settlement of claims on account of refixation of ex-factory prices from 1974-75 (wef 12.7.75) to 1979-80 sugar season for levy sugar dispatched to:

I.                FCI /State Govt. nominees,

II.                Army Purchase Organisation, and

III.                Export of levy sugar.

                All other work incidental to the above items.

                Any other functions assigned from time to time.





1.     Sugar - Formulation of general policy and other connected matter.

2.     Stockholding limits of sugar manufactures and dealers, Grant of Central Government concurrence to the proposals of State Governments for amendments/ Modification, delegation of  powers etc.

3.     Legislation - Promulgation of Acts/ Ordinances relating to Sugar.

4.     Commissions/ Committees/ Conferences etc. relating to Sugar.

5.     Export & Import Policy of sugar.

6.     Policy matters relating to buffer stock.

7.     Levy sugar - Policy regarding distribution under PDS.

8.     Levy sugar - Uniform Retail Issue Prices - fixation and enforcement of.

9.     Levy sugar – Price Equalisation Fund (non-statutory) operated by FCI

10.   Release of subsidy to FCI on account of distribution of levy sugar under PDS.

11.   Preparation of BE and RE in respect of matters dealt with by Sugar Policy Desk.

12.   Fixation/ revision of margins for wholesalers/ retailers of levy sugar.



1.     Formulation of Sugarcane Price Policy.

2.     Administration of matters relating to Sugarcane (Control) Order, 1966 and delegation of powers thereunder. Matters relating to molasses in so far as they relate to Department.

3.     Legislative matters – enactments, promulgation of Ordinances, amendments to various Orders etc. relating to Sugarcane (Control) Order, 1966

4.     Fixation of Statutory Minimum Price (SMP) of sugarcane for individual factories.

5.     Cane Price arrears – steps for their liquidation etc.

6.     Commissions, Committees – setting up of and examination of their Reports. 

7.     Plans relating to development of sugar industry. Credit facilities and other financial assistance to sugar industries. 

8.     Levy sugar – Fixation of Zonal ex-factory price of levy sugar 




1.     All litigation matters, including civil suits, relating to the levy sugar price and payment of levy sugar price differentials.

2.     All litigation matters including civil suits, relating to the price of sugarcane payable by sugar mills and khandsari units to the sugarcane growers.

3.     Litigation matters arising as a result of the regulation of movement, supply, distribution of sugarcane such as reservation of cane area.

4.     Old litigation matters relating to Additional Cane Price payable by sugar mills to the sugarcane growers under the Sugarcane (Control) Order – 1966.

5.     Litigation matters arising out of the orders issued under the Sugar Undertakings (Taking Over of Management) Act, 1978 and the Industries (Development and Regulation) Act, 1951.

6.     Litigation matters arising out of the orders issued by the Government regulating the working of the khandsari units and disposal of khandsari sugar.

7.     Litigation matters arising out of the administration of Levy Sugar Price Equalisation Fund Act, 1976.

8.     Litigation matters arising out of controls on sugar, sugarcane, khandsari and gur such as distribution, movement, stock holding and other restrictions.

9.     Policy matters/ litigation work relating to allotment of claims on account of refixation of ex-factory price of levy sugar for 1974-75 (w.e.f. 12.7.75) to 1979-80 sugar seasons.




1.     All administrative/ establishment matters relating to National Sugar Institute, Kanpur.

2.     All administrative matters relating to Group A officers of the Directorate of Sugar.

3.     Other administrative matters of the Dte of Sugar for which reference are to be made to the Department of Personnel/ Finance/ UPSC, etc.

4.     Plan Schemes of NSI, Kanpur.

5.     Reconstitution of Development Council for Sugar Industry.

6.     Reconstitution of Advisosry Board of NSI, Kanpur.

7.     Any other functions assigned from time to time.




1.     Buffer stocking policy of foodgrains – its periodical review and connected matter thereto.

2.     Review of all India stock position of foodgrains in Central Pool in the context of requirements under buffer stocking policy and for various policy aspects.

3.     Collection/ compilation of monthly statistical data pertaining to procurement, stocks, allocation and offtake of foodgrains from Central Pool etc., from FCI, Ministry of Agriculture, all  Sections/Divisions concerned in Department of Food & Public Distribution.

4.     Preparation of Monthly foodgrains Bulletin containing Statistical data on Procurement, stock position, offtake of foodgrains and other important aspects concerning foodgrains on the basis of data collected/ compiled from different sources.

5.     Updation of Computerized of Monthly Foodgrains Bulletin in coordination with NIC. BP I will be responsible for feeding of data pertaining to stock and offtake of foodgrains under PDS in the programme developed by NIC and coordinate with other concerned Sections/ Divisions for timely feeding of data by each concerned Sections/ Divisions.

6.     Supply of data on stocks and offtake of foodgrains under PDS to PM’s Office, Planning Commission, Reserve Bank of India, other Department and Ministers/ Senior Officers of Department of Food & Public distribution on specific demand.

7.     Examination of questionnaires and furnishing of information on stocks and distribution for various international organizations.

8.     Parliament Questions on items of work allotted to BP I.

9.     Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Formulation of Policy regarding allocation of rice and wheat to Defence Services/ paramilitary forces (BSF/CRPF/ITBP).

2.     Processing of proposals regarding Allocation of rice & wheat to Defence Services/ CRPF/ BSF/ ITBP.

3.     Disputed maters with regard to allocation of foodgrains to Defence Services/Para military Forces

4.     Audit objections on the subject dealt with by the Section.

5.     Parliament Questions and other related matters on the subjects dealt with by the Section.

6.     Allocation of foodgrains through M/o HRD in respect of Wheat Based Nutrition Programme and other related matters.

7.     Allocation of foodgrains through M/o HRD in respect of Mid Day Meal Scheme and other related matters.

8.     Allocation of foodgrains through M/o HRD in respect of Nutritional Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG) and other related matters.

9.     Allocation of foodgrains through M/o Rural Development in respect of SGRY and other related matters.

10.   Allocation of foodgrains through M/o Rural Development in respect of Special Component of SGRY, Natural Calamities/flood. Drought and other related matters i.e. Inter-Ministerial Group Meeting etc.

11.   Allocation of foodgrains through M/o RD in respect of National Food for Work Programme and other related matters.

12.   Allocation of foodgrains made by the Deptt. of F&PD(BP-II) in respect of SC/ ST/ OBC Hostels/ Welfare Institutions and other related matters.

13.   Allocation of foodgrains made by the Deptt. of F&PD(BP-II) in respect of 5% additional allotment to Welfare Institutions and other related matters..

14.   Allocation of foodgrains made by the Deptt. of F&PD(BP-II) in respect of Emergency Feeding Programme and other related matters.

15.   Allocation of foodgrains made by the Deptt. of F&PD(BP-II) in respect Annapurna Scheme and other related matters.

16.   Establishment/Monitoring/Allocation of foodgrains in respect of Village Grain Banks and other related matters.

17.   Court cases relating to Welfare Schemes.

18.   Misc. matters like sending of returns to WSU/ Hindi Section/ AC etc.

19.   Allocation of foodgrains to Bhutan.

20.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Processing and compilation of demands including additional demands of foodgrains (rice, wheat and coarsegrain) from States/ UTs for Public Distribution System.

2.     Policy matters regarding allocation of foodgrains including issue of allocation orders of rice wheat and allocation of coarse grains for TPDS/ PDS.

3.     Processing of Cabinet Notes, etc. received from other Divisions/ Departments regarding allocation of foodgrains and other related matters.

4.     Furnishing of material/ information for Annual Report, Budget/ Performance Budget, Annual Action Plan/ Economic Editors Conference etc., in respect of BP Branch.

5.     Preparation of monthly budgets (estimates) of rice and wheat.

6.     Maintenance of information/ Statistics/ Database relating to demand and allocation of rice, wheat and coarse grains under TPDS/ PDS.

7.     Maintenance of allocation registers, State-wise and month-wise and utlisation certificates for each States/ UT.

8.     Review of offtake of foodgrains by States/ UTs under TPDS.

9.     Parliament Questions/ Audit Objections/ VIP references etc., in respect of the items of work allotted to the Section.

10.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     PDS Policy (framing & modification).

2.     References relating to PDS Policy as also having bearing on it.

3.     Advisory Council of PDS

4.     Comments on Cabinet Notes relating to PDS

5.     All Parliament Questions, Assurances etc.

6.     Preparation of BE, RE and Performance Budget for all the Schemes (Plan & Non-Plan) in PD Division after obtaining necessary information from PD-II in respect of their Schemes.

7.     Central Sector Scheme on Training Research and Monitoring (TRM) to strengthen PDS.

8.     Clearance of proposals received under TRM, Monitoring their timely implementation till receipt of UC and other relevant documents.

9.     Residuary matters relating to the Centrally Sponsored schemes for godowns and vans.

10.   Audit matters/ paras relating to PD Division.

11.   Liaison and coordination with Audit Parties.

12.   VIP and other misc. references relating to the Section.

13.   Standing Committee matters relating to section.

14.   Recommending increase in allocation of foodgrains for various States/ UTs under AAY, to BP- III.

15.   Any other function assigned from time to time.




1.     Implementation of TPDS in 35 States/ UTs.

2.     Statistical monitoring of TPDS in States/ UTs on monthly and yearly basis in prescribed proformae.

3.     Liaison with National Informatics Centre for computerisation of data and maintenance of an uptodate database on TPDS.

4.     VIP references and communications received from PMO, Planning Commission, Cabinet Secretariat, CACP, etc.

5.     Follow up action on the weekly reports received from Intelligence Bureau.

6.     Monitoring of functioning of Public Distribution System in States/ UTs.

7.     Handling of complaints/ suggestions/ applications related to PDS/TPDS.

8.     Furnishing material for Parliament Questions.

9.     Preparing material for Annual Report, Economic Survey, President's address to Parliament, Finance Minister's Budget Speech, etc.

10.   Preparation of Statistical Briefs/Notes for visit of Minister/ Senior Officers to States/ UTs.

11.   Submission of returns to O&M, Coordination, Hindi and Administration Divisions.

12.   Implementation of Area Officers Scheme.

13.   Implementation of Antyodaya Anna Yojana Scheme.

14.   Follow-up action on the surveys and studies conducted on PDS.

15.   Monitoring of implementation of Pilot Project on Smart Card on TPDS.

16.   Any other function assigned from time to time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     NFSA SECTION

1.                All matters relating to implementation of National Food Security Act, 2013 (NFSA).

2.                Preparation of rules under the NFSA.

3.                Plan sub-scheme of Assistance for non-building assets for State Food Commissions.

4.                Parliament Questions/assurances and other parliamentary matters, VIP/PMO references, RTI applications, Court cases etc. on items of work allotted to NFSA Section.

5.                Furnishing of inputs on NFSA for Annual Reports/Monthly D.O./Monthly Summary and other periodical reports and publications.

6.                Handling of miscellaneous references pertaining to various national/international forums on the topic of food Security in general and NFSA in particular.


7.                Any other work assigned from time to time.



1.     Translation from English to Hindi of parliament Questions, Calling Attention Notices, Short Notices, Short Notice questions, Assurances and other statements, Reports, Budget Performance, demand for grants, replies to the questionnaire of Standing Committee etc., to be laid on the table to both Houses of Parliament. General Orders, Notifications and all other documents mentioned under Section 3(3) of the Official languages Act, Minutes of meeting, publicity material, Minister’s speeches and messages, replies to parliament Questions Notes on review of food situation, annual Report and other Reports, Cabinet Notes, Notes submitted to PAC, Agenda, Agenda Notes and Minutes of the meetings of the Consultative Committee of the Ministry, drafts received in English from officers/sections.

2.     Vetting of draft replies in Hindi prepared by sections.

3.     Translation into English of all letters received in Hindi from various sources, records of Parliamentary debates, etc.

4.     All matters relating to the Hindi Teaching Scheme Nomination of officers/employees to various courses, supply of books to them.

5.     Implementation of the provisions of the official Languages Act, Rules framed there under and the orders issued by the Department of official Languages, Ministry of Home Affairs from time to time.

6.     Implementation of the Annual programme issued by the Department of Official language.

7.     All matters relating to the progressive use of Hindi in the Department, its attached and subordinate offices as also its public sector undertakings including collection of material for the Quarterly Progress Reports, review thereof and submission of a consolidated report to the Department of Official language.

8.     All matters relating to the official Language Implementation Committee of the Department - Preparation of Agenda, Agenda Notes and Minutes o the meeting and follow up action thereof.

9.     All matters relating to the Hindi Salahakar Samiti of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution- Preparation of Agenda, Agenda Notes, Minutes and follow up action thereof.

10.   All matters relating to other Committees like Central Hindi Advisory Committee, Central Official Language Implementation Committee etc.

11.   All Matters relating to the Parliamentary Committee on official Language- Inspection of various offices of the Department, its Public Sector Undertakings, etc.

12.   Correspondence received from the MPs/VIPs addressed to the Minister.

13.   Parliament business including Questions.

14.   Any other function assigned from time to time.







 1.     Deputation aboard of Minister(s)/ officers for tour, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.

2.     Matters relating to Government’s approval for deputation abroad of the officers of FCI/CWC proceeding abroad for training, workshops, seminars, conferences, tours etc.

3.     All matters relating to food supplies and trade, whether multi-lateral or bi-lateral at international level, except those, handled in Impex Section.

4.     All matters relating to coordination of issues of food security including eradication of hunger and malnutrition at international level.

5.     All matters relating to International Grains Council, World Food Council, FAO, World Food Programme including celebration of World Food Day, ESCAP, World Food Summit, Non-aligned Summit, SAARC Food Bank, World Bank, IMF, WHO, WTO, WIPO, AFMA, NFA etc.

6.     All Matters relating to follow-up action on the commitments made or decisions taken in the International Summits including World Food Summit etc.

7.     Matters relating to UN Special Reporter on Right to Food and other important foreign dignitaries visiting India.

8.     Coordination and any other work relating to International Cooperation.

9.     Organization of exhibitions, fair etc. abroad.

10.   Circulation of overseas vacancies / training, processing of applications therefor and deputation of officers abroad against vacancies/posts/training abroad.

11.   Matters relating to approval of this Ministry for foreign tours of officers/ Ministers of various States/ UTs.

12.   Preparation of Budget for foreign travel expenses.

13.   Parliament questions etc. relating to the above matters.

14.   O&M and other periodical returns.

15.   Any other function assigned from time to time.